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Leading Through Innovation

Dedicated to maintaining a professional relationship with all clients, All Pavement Solutions have been involved in many key projects, enabling us to grow, innovate and strengthen in the flexible pavement industry. Below are projects we are showcasing and are proud to have been involved in.

Project: Wayfield road,

Eco Veg Arborist crews were engaged by a private client to remove various dangerous storm affected trees and perform corrective pruning/hazardous limb removal. This project required a high level of skill, detail and safety from the climbing, rigging and comprehensive effort to ensure no damage was done to the gardens, driveway, paving, tennis court, pool or home. Great team effort from the Eco Veg crew!

Project: Denham Court Road

Eco Veg was engaged by JK Williams to clear the vegetation for the Denham Court Upgrade. Our Land Clearing division cleared a variety of vegetation mainly consisting of large native trees within close proximity of the road. All trees were felled with mechanical assistance with the Arborists, traffic controllers and excavator operators working in unison to safely ensure the trees were felled within their designated corridor, causing as little disruption as possible to the heavy traffic flow. All material was sheared and processed through our horizontal grinder, all mulch generated was then reused in its indigenous area for environmental controls as per client request.