About Us


ECO VEG Land Management is a leader in Australian recycling, specialising in the provision of emergency work, vegetation management and maintenance. The company proudly operates out of the North West Sydney and servicing business throughout New South Wales. ECO VEG is a team with a devotion to innovation and we are proud of the industry expertise acquired throughout our successful years in business.

ECO VEG Land Management is a successor to CJ Murphy Tree Recycling Services and their story is our story. In 2000 the CJ Murphy Tree Recycling team began operations. In the past twenty years the business has seen many evolutions and changes, a dedication to our clients, the safety of our employees and commitment to our target of a sustainable Australia has been continuous.

In our early days of operation, we had a simple but strong goal to become a leader in the Australian Recycling Industry, providing businesses with an easy, environmentally friendly and effective way to recycle their green waste materials from project sites all over New South Wales.

Our Directors and Senior Management constantly strive to ensure we are at the forefront of the recycling industry. Alongside our sister company Northwest Recycling Centre we are continually turning green waste into recycled sustainable products, together we are providing a circular economy working to our target of a cleaner Australia.

A devotion to quality and the environment is paramount throughout all we do, proudly holding an independent triple certification ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 and AS 4801. Our team know the strong reputation we hold in the industry is built upon the precise approach we take to all projects, the safety and wellbeing of all stakeholders.

Throughout work for Government bodies, our clients in the private civil sector and domestic projects, including our ability to provide rapid response for emergency work, following storms and other natural disasters, effective partnerships have been built, this means we can attend to any and all client needs with the fields of land management and sustainability.